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Are Domaining Stocks Breaking Out?

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By , February 18, 2012

I was planning on writing a post for awhile on how a nice domaining pair trade would be “long Tucows / short Demand Media”, but when I looked at the charts, it didn’t look like such a good pair trade any more.

I know, value investors don’t “do charts” and eschew technical analysis, but even though I’m a value investor I still occasionally commit heresy and give credence to the Stan Weinstein school of the “4-phase stock cycle”, as described in his seminal work “Secrets for Profiting in Bull & Bear Markets” (and revisited in Mike Swanson’s “Strategic Stock Trading“).


Tucows, Demand Media and all reported this week and they all delivered good news to shareholders. When you look at the charts, they all appear to be on the cusp of a Stage 2 bull run:


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Marchex to pay dividend….there’s just one problem.

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By , August 6, 2010

Marchex (Ticker MCHX) recently announced that they will start paying a quarterly dividend of .02 per share, which at today’s closing price gives it a 1.7% yield. I was holding off commenting on this until the earnings came out, which happened today, as reported on TheDomains. After squeaking in a very negligible profit last quarter, they sunk back into loss territory this one. Which brings us to the one problem about the dividend:

Where are the earnings that they will supposedly come out of?

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