The Map is not the Territory

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By , November 18, 2011

Can a domain name be the difference between success and failure in a business? Are domain names the single best investment one can possibly make in one’s business? These are the main questions debated in an ongoing chain of posts, then my comments, and a follow-up post, and another of my comments and yet another post between myself and Andrei over at DomainingTips.

The conventional wisdom among domainers is that without the domain name, you’re nowhere, or, investing in domain names is the single best thing you can do to achieve some kind of “edge” in the competitive marketplace.

My opinion is different. I think the people who care most about domain names, are domainers. I don’t think that a domain name will be the key to success or failure and I can’t even parse the assertion that anything is “the best” investment because I think that statement is more rhetoric than anything else.

Let’s dissect.

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