Back Up The Truck bAbY! I’m Buying Gold!

By , May 21, 2013

[ Woops, originally posted with link to wrong article ]

I’ve been writing an article on gold over on which I wish I posted before today’s session, (which could be a key reversal day). In any case, since the gold crash back in April I am in agreement with the (microscopic minority) who think that we are nearing the end of a cyclical gold bear within a secular bull and have been adding to my positions for the first time since 2009 (for stocks) and 2006 (for physical).

What I found of interesting is after analyzing the major producers in the wake of the crash, they look like more compelling values now than at their previous cyclical lows in October 2008. I’ve put that in a PDF which can be downloaded from, but tonight I posted a general overview on the end of this cyclical gold bull.

It’s over here.

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