Newsflash: without DNS a domain is worthless

By , August 20, 2010

I have always noticed a large cognitive void in the minds of domainers when it comes to DNS. Frank Schilling has correctly identified another Achilles Heel of the domainer: that of the registrar, to the point of recommending that any serious domainer own his own registrar. Yet domainers may end up running multi-million dollar portfolios on DNS servers held together by spit and twist ties.

Sure there are economic reasons for this: many domainers play a margin game. With hundreds or thousands of domains in a portfolio, paying $8 per name vs. something more can mean the difference between profitability or not. But with many high end portfolios, downtime could translate to serious lost revenues.

First, to clear the air on conflict of interest: my day job is running, an outsourced DNS provider. I posted “DNS and DOS attacks: how to stay up if your DNS provider goes down” yesterday in response to a large DOS attack against a popular DNS provider. The tactics I describe therein are not specific to my company, they should help regardless of who or what you use for DNS.

I’m in St . Lucia at the moment which is why I’ve been fairly quiet, but I wanted to shared this, keep the feed warmed and say I’ll be posting a few thoughts around the economic outlook over the next week.

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